Moment of Triumph – a photo of Thunder

Moment of Triumph - a photo of Thunder

This is one of the ways kids celebrate New Year here in Fiji – bamboo cannons. The idea is that you cut a piece of bamboo, and make some small holes in the dividing parts. You then stick a wad of kerosene soaked fabric on one end, and blow. After a while a puff of smoke (seen here) comes out one end and it makes a massive “fboommmmm” noise that can be heard for miles. Of course, not an activity for the feint hearted, but one that is allowed for kids here. Note the lit beer bottle to right. This kid at Lovoni village on Ovalau Island Fiji persevered until after about 10 tries, he finally triumphed! The picture actually doesn’t do the sound justice – like trying to take a photo of actual thunder (no lightning). But then, that is the way with Fiji: the photos always look so quiet – nothing prepares you for the noise of Fiji.

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