Lovo – any why I don’t eat pork any more

For anyone who is wondering how to cook a lovo (Fijian Earth Oven) here are a few pics.  We had some guests last September, and a big family get together.  In the morning, the pig arrived. You can imagine my surprise when I saw the trailer backing up with my brother in law driving, and in the back was the pig.  I thought that the pig was just being moved on the farm, and had popped in for a visit.

It makes you realize where meat comes from when you have to keep the live lunch in the shade with food and water until it is killed, plaited up in coconut leaves and put on the hot stones and covered with earth to cook for 2 hours.IMGP3572 IMGP3574 IMGP3627 IMGP3633 IMGP3641 IMGP3644


I realized that previously when I lived in Australia it was so easy to eat meat, as it came packed in plastic in the meat section of Woolies.

Now we think more than twice about when we “need” to eat meat, as it means killing an animal.  We now have pigs of our own (free range pigs that have the time of their lives!!), and chickens.  We can’t bear to kill the pigs, so I don’t know what will happen to them.  Maybe Piggy and Peggy will die of old age.  I for one don’t eat pork any more.




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